Ban leaf blowers, not fireplaces in valley

12/09/2012 6:31 PM

12/09/2012 6:32 PM

If the air board really wanted to clean up the air, they would outlaw the leaf blower. Instead, they harass people who burn wood for a cheaper source of heat.

What does the leaf blower accomplish besides blowing grass, leaves, dirt and other pollutants from one person's property to a neighbor's? The neighbor blows it back to them or out in the street. Then cars can run over it and really circulate the air. This is recycling at its California best.

Use of a rake, broom and dust pan would be more beneficial to the environment. No fossil fuel or electricity to power them.

Another thought to ponder for the air board: Did you ever hear of West Nile virus when farmers and ranchers were allowed to burn roadsides, ditch banks and blackberry swamps? Once they are lighted, these areas don't work for breeding grounds for the mosquito. Before the air board makes rash decisions, a cost-to-benefit analysis would come in handy.



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