Letters to the Editor

December 6, 2012

Patience, manners enhance holidays

During this holiday season I would like to remind everyone to join me in sharing the spirit of the holiday.

I realize that the holiday season can be quite stressful, but relax, slow down and be mindful of your actions when you're interacting with others. Slowing down will help tremendously, especially when you're attending that holiday party and the spirits are flowing.

If you happen to find yourself overly spirited, call a cab or a friend to drive you home. Slowing down and being courteous this holiday season is a wonderful way to enjoy the spirit of the holidays and when you're trying to return that odd Christmas gift without a receipt. Please remember that most of the time the person behind the counter helping you is not a decision maker and he or she is just doing his or her job, following store policy.

Rule of thumb: When you're interacting with others you attract more bees with honey then with vinegar. Being polite goes a long way during the holidays — and even after all the Christmas lights have come down.



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