Letters to the Editor

November 19, 2012

Obama no help in Benghazi

As a conservative, I'm sure you know how unhappy I feel about the way the voting went. This letter is addressed to those who voted to re-elect President Obama, knowing that he and his administration let four of our brave men, who were pleading for their lives, get murdered before their eyes. They had ample time to send help but chose to do nothing. What happened to no one gets left behind? They gave the order to stand down, meaning do not help!

For those who knew what was happening in Benghazi and yet voted for Obama, you should hold your heads down in shame. Those men could have been a father, a son, a cousin, a grandchild or a friend of yours. What would you have thought about Obama then?

Obama will not fire on or go against his own people, the Muslims. He proved that so many times. Think of what the parents, the wives, and children were going through watching the fires burning with the ambassador and the Navy SEALs begging for the help they never got.

God help us all, if there's ever an attack on the United States with Obama as commander-in-chief, something he loves calling himself.



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