Letters to the Editor

November 14, 2012

Different beliefs still valid

In response to "Imposing beliefs for right reasons" (Nov. 7, Letters): You are wrong to impose your beliefs on others. My beliefs are different and just as valid as yours. I believe the fetus is part of the mother as long as it cannot live on its own. The life of the mother, who is a formed and living human being, takes precedence over that of the fetus in her womb until such time the child can exist on its own. At that time it belongs to itself. It is then in the keeping of its mother or parents who have chosen to accept this responsibility. The government does a poor job of the nurturing process.

What makes you think you have the right to pass judgment on every woman who bears a child? The answer to your question "to whom does the baby's body belong?" is to itself, not to you.



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