Letters to the Editor

November 14, 2012

Teachers are undervalued

Two summers ago, a reader remarked that teachers need to stop whining about their salaries since they don't work summers. Thankfully, many members of the community stood up for us teachers. But this got me thinking, how much do I really work? So I logged my hours for an entire year. I counted the time I spent on campus and any time that I worked on lesson plans at home.

If a worker received three weeks of vacation and seven federal holidays, he would work 237 days in a year. I took the 1,887 hours that I worked and divided it by 237. My result? I worked an average of 8.0 hours per day. With my median teacher's salary, that comes out to about $27.50 per hour. Although this is a fairly decent wage, it is rather small considering I have a bachelor's degree, two teaching credentials, seven years of college credit and 15 years of teaching experience. I logged nine 14-hour days and one 15-hour day in that year; we don't get paid overtime. Other teachers work just as hard or harder. Considering the importance of the job we do, I think taxpayers are getting a pretty good deal.



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