Sick of Big Ag confusion tactics

11/03/2012 7:04 PM

11/03/2012 7:05 PM

As a farmer and licensed pest control adviser, I'm disgusted with the confusion tactics that big pesticide, seed and food companies are spending $40 million-plus on through the No on 37 campaign.

Monsanto et al. have been controlling university and private research for nearly two decades. Independent researchers are not given licenses to use these companies' patented products to perform true feeding studies. The GMO companies won't show you real data proving these foods are safe because the research either hasn't been done and-or negative results have been buried.

I wish they would have spent this $40 million-plus on food safety and environmental studies. We can farm well without crops that are lab-created mixtures of unrelated organisms that would never cross in nature.

Don't let the companies that change their box designs for sports stars or cartoon characters or trendy health claims scare you into thinking that adding a simple line to the ingredients area on their labels within the 18-month time frame will add much, if any, to the price of your food. You have the right to know what's in your food. Yes on Proposition 37.



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