Denham too partisan for office

10/13/2012 6:24 PM

10/13/2012 6:25 PM

The Bee, while supporting Jeff Denham, stated in its Oct. 7 editorial "one of the parts of the troubled Congress is Jeff Denham who said he respected most the whole freshman class in the House because they were eager to make change." And "it was evident in his votes against — even to the point of irresponsibly bringing the government to a stand still."

He was praised for shaking hands with a few Democrats, but that does not make up for voting 97 percent of the time along party lines! Bills passed giving credit to Denham about veterans and selling unused public buildings are hardly controversial.

Usually we don't vote for a candidate while we are waiting for him "to decide what kind of representative he will be in the long haul"!

This election is an opportunity to select someone new who does not have restrictions on what he can do because of a pledge to never raise a tax. No compromise is possible when Denham has such ties.

We are voting for Jose Hernandez for these reasons and because we need more Democrats in the House to break the deadlock that prevents anything significant from getting done.



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