Letters to the Editor

October 12, 2012

An income gap fair and natural

Income disparity is fair. Furthermore it is natural. It is called competition, or capitalism, which made America the greatest nation in the world until we began to tamper.

Unions are the most insidious form of tampering. They removed competition and created unnatural income disparity in a dangerous manner. FDR did not save the country; he put us on the road to ruin.

Public unions are the worst. Retire at 55 with nearly full pay and generous benefits? Now that is disparity, but fair in some minds.

Private sector unions drove jobs abroad that are needed here, and doubled the misfortune by putting people on unemployment. Minimum wage? Unconstitutional.

Mother Nature created humans in all ranges of sizes, strengths, physical skills and intelligence levels. You cannot change that.

You scoff at the ridiculous contracts for sports and entertainment figures, yet watch and listen to them perform without complaint. You can't do what they do. Are you doing what you can do, and doing it better than those beside you?

Those at the top in energy and intelligence made this country and deserve their position. You owe them; they do not owe you.



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