Letters to the Editor

October 10, 2012

Anti-abortion moralizer trying to impose views

Another intellectually presumptuous, morally arrogant and ever sanctimonious anti-abortion letter ("Abortion and welfare," Sept. 28) which, under the call for an outrageously simplistic, simpering "love of humans," offers us more howling illogical fallacies and conclusions, such as the egregious generalization, "When we legalize abortion, we teach our populace that humans do not always need to be loved."

Then to top off the affront to intelligence and rationality, the writer assumes to know what is human, what constitutes or characterizes a human, and has the audacity to quote a so-called saint, a religious fanatic whose ignorance, ineptitude and groveling subservience to authority was appalling.

In my nearly 70 years, 40 of them since abortion was legalized, I have seen no lessening in the value of life, no diminution in human care and concern for others.

Indeed, there has been a demonstrable increase in charity, in social and species conscience — media blather and self-righteous rants to the contrary.

What we have seen, however, are the unrelenting campaigns of moralizers sticking their noses into other people's business, seeking to impose upon others their views of how people should live and behave. How long, O Lord.



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