Letters to the Editor

October 9, 2012

Vote for Gray — he's one of us

Every once in a while, a candidate comes along who has it all — intelligence, understanding, compassion, gumption and courage. That candidate is Adam Gray.

Adam earned his stripes via hard work. His first work experience involved mowing and raking neighbors' lawns. During his teen and college years, he worked at his dad's store, Merced Dairy Supply, and had a variety of other summer and part-time positions. These included stints at Big O Tires and Carl's Jr. He even managed a restaurant for a while before pursuing politics full time. When he was in college, he worked as his dorm's resident adviser to help finance his way through school.

Adam knows what it's like to go from paycheck to paycheck because he's been there; he's paid his dues. I think it's a good idea for anyone heading into politics to know what it's like to flip a burger or change a rack of tires.

That said, it will be good to have someone in office who understands what the working person feels every single working day.

Vote for Gray for Assembly. He's one of us.



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