I just can't vote for Denham

10/09/2012 6:28 PM

10/09/2012 6:29 PM

I started voting in 1960, and up until 1982 I voted for the man, not the party. And once I was a Republican, but because of the party's growing extremism I no longer vote for Republican candidates.

Jeff Denham may be all The Bee says he is, but on the basis of his unqualified support for all things Republican I would question his campaign claim that he has regained his bipartisanship.

For example, does he endorse the Republican platform that calls for making illegal all abortions including pregnancies that result from rape and incest?

Does Denham wish to abolish the Environmental Protection Agency? What financial regulations, if any, does he want to see in place to prevent future financial meltdowns?

As long as President Barack Obama is in office, does Denham want to see the economy improve?

Does he want to see creationism instead of science taught in our biology classes? Why doesn't he believe in man-made global warming?

Would he ever take a position contrary to the National Rifle Association?

In other words, will Denham be able to be his own man and not just a shill for the Republican Party, which he is now?



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