Denham will preserve Medicare

10/09/2012 6:27 PM

10/09/2012 6:28 PM

Adjustments need to be made in Medicare if we are to protect the solvency of the program for today's growing number of retirees and for future generations.

Rep. Jeff Denham favors keeping benefits the same (along with a private policy option) for those 55 and older. Today's seniors would rest assured that Medicare will be there for their children and grandchildren in an adjusted form, with a voucher option for a competitive private policy.

Unlike his opponent, Jose Hernandez, Denham has expressed a desire to protect Medicare's solvency. Hernandez apparently wants to expand Medicare rolls with retirees starting at age 50, trying to make what little money that remains stretch.

Many doctors are saying they will refuse Obamacare patients on the government plan due to its bureaucratic low and slow reimbursements. Hernandez's lack of business expertise would contribute to ending Medicare, sending Obamacare patients back to the emergency rooms and causing private sector employers to drop their employee health coverage.

With Hernandez, we're talking more taxes, more regulations, and less affordable quality health care.



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