Support our friends, cut off the rest

10/03/2012 6:53 PM

10/03/2012 6:57 PM

Within two days of the Sept. 11 riots that murdered four Americans, Fox News showed the president of Libya saying that it was the work of terrorists and also that Egypt had warned us that the attacks were being planned for Sept. 11. The administration and the liberal news media tried to place the blame on a YouTube video that had appeared months before.

Our embassies are attacked, our flag is burned and our people are killed and Barack Obama apologizes for America's transgressions.

Libya is the only country that is backing us during this terrible time. You can't buy love or loyalty. These countries have made it very clear that they hate us and want us gone. No matter how long we stay and how much money and troops we send, when we leave they will elect whomever they want and have the kind of government that they choose.

We need to support the countries that are our friends and cut off the rest. They will never respect us unless they fear us. And apologies do not bring respect or fear.


Los Banos

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