Letters to the Editor

October 2, 2012

Why wasn't W at convention?

It seems peculiar that the two-term (once selected, once elected) ex-Republican president was conspicuously absent from the Greedy Oppressive Polluters' recent convention.

I know he wasn't printing his memoirs because when asked how history would view him, he quipped, "In history, we'll all be dead."

Maybe he went AWOL or maybe he just "disremembered"; or maybe he got drunk with power and drove the economy into the ditch, resulting in a crash that gave the Republicans collective amnesia.

Career mom Sarah Palin was probably too busy to attend. I'm sure she's keeping a weather eye on the Russian coast, when she's not lecturing to Mad Hatters.

Colin Powell was probably ashamed to attend. I used to think of Gen. Powell as the soldier's soldier, but since he lost his guts and caved in to Bush-Cheney I think of him as Semi-Colin.

When asked if he had any animosity toward Richard Nixon for trying to deport him, John Lennon replied, "No, I believe time wounds all heels." How true.



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