Letters to the Editor

October 2, 2012

Whom will he blame next?

If this president is re-elected, he may express his dismay at learning that he is "inheriting" an economy which is twice as bad as the one in 2008!

Unemployment is still over 8 percent, and the national debt is growing exponentially to $16 trillion dollars. Now, Government Motors is recalling 40,000 vehicles due to fuel leaks!

The flames of protest in Syria, Egypt, Libya and other Persian Gulf nations should frighten us all. People are dying amidst shouts of "We Are All Osama," yet no one in the media mentions the connection to the capture and death of bin Laden.

The recent Democratic Convention speech makers repeatedly praised themselves for their accomplishment in his death. Why is anyone surprised that these violent "spontaneous" demonstrations are now known to be planned by the al-Qaida faithful?



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