Predicting life without government

09/18/2012 7:59 PM

09/18/2012 8:00 PM

Less government, regulations and short term thinking. What does it get us?

More potholes, faded lines and burned-out street lights on roads

Highway lanes added and obsolete before done; the result of refusal to fund high speed rail therefore wastes money.

Fewer or no public schools for all equals private and charter schools choosing students, as in Third World

Bridges that fail from no maintenance

Lack of safety regulations equals deaths and injuries

Less police and firefighters equals more crime and fire losses and maybe gunfights downtown like the old West.

No mosquito abatement equals sickness

Bad or no water and air rules equals sickness

Bad or no regulations on business equals bad environment, underpaid workers, dishonesty to consumers.

No one to check out food quality or medicines equals even more people hungry, homeless and sick

Social Security, Medicare — forget it. We'll be at the mercy of the bottom line, where the dollar rules, not ideals, compassion and intelligence. Yes, we need a balance, but we also need to remember we have one Earth and we are all together in this life. Hopefully someone(s) will take that into consideration when deciding what's what!


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