10 reasons to switch to credit unions

05/26/2012 6:40 PM

05/26/2012 7:10 PM

Ten reasons why I use a local credit union and not a big bank:

1. It is nonprofit, and I'm a voting shareholder

2. My money stays local and is invested locally

3. Local businesses are valued customers

4. My loans stay with the credit union and aren't sold off

5. Super friendly and knowledgeable personnel

6. 24-7 online services

7. Minimum service fees

8. Senior advantage accounts

9. Advanced ATMs within a no-fees nationwide network

10. Not too big to fail

Move your money to a local credit union, which keeps money here and out of the hands of gamblers on Wall Street. When the gamblers lose, we all do, because taxpayer dollars bail them out and they keep on gambling as well as paying huge executive bonuses with our money.

Let's end the madness and all do business with local financial institutions. Check out your options; there are many great local banks and credit unions.

We don't need more regulations or bureaucracy. We can right the ship ourselves. Let's move it.



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