Dairy products are bad for your health

04/07/2012 7:07 PM

04/07/2012 7:23 PM

The Modesto Bee's editorial "PETA lawsuit, silly misdirected" (April 1) supported the dairy industry and concluded that they have an "image" problem. The editorial avoided pointing out important problems with even well-run dairy operations.

The biggest problem facing the dairy industry is the growing number of scientific studies that associate dairy products with significant human diseases (e.g. obesity, diabetes, arterial disease, acne, asthma, prostate and breast cancer).

Based on my 35-plus years experience as a primary care physician and current scientific studies, I recommend that patients eliminate all dairy products from their diets. Individuals can access video summaries and the abstracts of the important scientific articles and advances in human nutrition at NutritionFacts.org. It is an excellent resource for everyone including physicians and editorial writers.

The best way to fix the dairy industry's "image" problem is for them to produce a healthier more environmentally friendly product. Consumers can "vote" for an improved quality of life, lower health care costs, an improved environment and the reduction of the suffering and slaughter of billions of animals by consuming a more plant-based diet.


Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine


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