Scary ideas from contenders

10/31/2011 6:26 PM

10/31/2011 6:33 PM

Frightening! Republican debates: Rick Perry: "I executed more prisoners than any other governor." Huge applause from the tea party audience.

Next debate: Ron Paul asks another candidate, What about the young man who is sick but has no health insurance? Audience response: "Let him die." Audience response: huge applause.

Next debate: a gay serviceman in Iraq in uniform attempts to address the candidates with a question. He is roundly booed by the audience. Next debater, Herman Cain unveils his 9-9-9 tax plan which will further tax the middle class and eliminate Social Security and Medicare. Isn't 999 = 666 inverted?

Next debate, Cain says that if you lost your job or if you lost your home it is your own fault. Wild cheers.

Do these people represent all Christians and all Republicans? Can you imagine these people having access to America's nuclear arsenal?


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