Letters to the Editor

May 7, 2008

Slain teen not part of gang

Valdemar Rojas Jr. was not a gang member; he had nothing to do with gangs ("Police follow tips in toddler shooting," April 29, Page A-1). Just because he dressed a certain way does not mean he was a certain way; make sure you get your facts right before publishing things like that. He was a funny, kind person who you could really get to like and love. He was 14, and it is sad to see what happened to my friend. He died too early and in a way that no one ever should. He touched his friends, administrators and teachers here at Leland High School. His death was a tragedy. We send our condolences to his family; we also sent flowers for his funeral. All I can say now is "Rest in peace, Junior; we'll miss you, always and forever." I'll see you pretty soon.


San Jose

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