April 16, 2013

Listing priorities for Modesto's future

Listing priorities for Modesto's future.

Listing priorities for Modesto's future

Complete a realistic general plan

focused on new business development.

Promote new/expanding business through targeted incentive packages (sales tax sharing, business park infrastructure)

Offer free wi-fi downtown (Initiate pilot program)

Provide Economic development incentives for business parks and downtown

Develop a research park

Explore public /private partnerships

Create a fun downtown with condos and family-oriented attractions

Implement Downtown Hospitality Assessment Recommendations (Parking review, 10th Street art & beautification, 12th Street traffic flow and street scape analysis)

Add an interactive family restaurant (i.e. Dave & Buster’s) to Centre Plaza or downtown)

Expand Grogan Park to a regional park sports complex

Develop a tourist attraction around Grogan Park (I-fly, rock climbing, aquatics, zip line across Tuolumne River Regional Park) through city & private partnerships)

Market and sell high-quality wastewater and leverage recycled wastewater for economic development or lower rates Benchmark other cities for successful economic development efforts

Increase water and wastewater capacity (For economic development readiness)

Explore annexation of North McHenry in 2013

Continue exploring Salida annexation and create plan B to include in general plan

Hire Economic Development position to focus on promotion, retention, and expansion

Create a downtown landscape and lighting district

By 2020 build Triple A downtown ballpark

Create comprehensive marketing program to attract new businesses

Create a Centre Plaza success plan (naming rights, review and analyze policies, procedures and business plan)

Explore property tax distribution

Plan, fund and install infrastructure in key commercial/business parks areas (Shovel-ready land)

Increase collaborations with neighborhoods for safety

Explore security guard patrol efforts in parks, neighborhoods and business centers

Reinforce community-oriented policing by using area commands, area police resource officers, accountability and intelligence-led policing

Develop partnerships with private business to install cameras

Develop a structured volunteer program for citizens on patrol/monitoring of cameras

Benchmark other cities for successes on reducing crime and gangs

Partner with MJC, private industry and regional training center

Increase focus on gang prevention and intervention

Consider a half-cent public safety sales tax in 2013 to fund public safety, technology and neighborhood collaboration efforts

Use other resources to aid police officers (volunteers, technology)

Begin discussions around fire consolidation with adjoining agencies by 2014

Analyze public/private partnerships for hazardous materials, confined space and technical rescue

Enhance level of service with EMS/paramedics with ambulance service providers by November 2013

Consider a fire district overlay (explore long-term revenue alternatives via an assessment district)

Consider instituting penalties for households harboring gang members

Increase collaborations with neighborhoods for safety and neighborhood improvement/cleanup activities

Create total citizen engagement program (formalize neighborhood associations, council district forums & councils, interactive maps & kiosks, grants and events)

Enhance code enforcement activities (increase penalties, prevent blight, address graffiti, illegal activities, dumping, and deterioration)

Liaison/staff appointed to work with city/school leadership (have joint meetings with school board)

Engage youth by providing opportunities for work experience, mentoring, after-school programs.

Support Boys & Girls Club for Modesto

Encourage volunteers to clean up their own neighborhood by providing the resources (trash bins, bags, tools)

Support enrichment activities (embrace art, dance, music, culture, fitness, nutrition, sports at parks and park facilities)

Create a day center for homeless through public/private partnerships

Involve youth in improving our community

Implement programs to address the gang culture in schools

Collaborate with the school districts to have students clean up parks near their schools

Create community tree replacement foundation fund (private donations for tree replacement)

Downtown passenger rail station for ACE train/Bay Area commuters (Plans & specifications 2015; construction 2016; Operational 2018)

Develop standards and partner with schools for non-potable water system.

Establish air service to Los Angeles.

Lengthen Modesto airport runway

Increase bike paths, bike lanes and implement additional programs that support a bike-friendly city environment.

Analyze outlying water systems.

Develop a new MID water franchise agreement (securing long-term rights to discharge to MID system)

Increase regional positioning and actively

enhance relationships with the California Transportation Commission.

Conduct a Measure M ballot process in 2015 for all county islands.

Consider becoming a regional transportation self-help County (all modes of transportation, air, passenger rail, vehicle, pedestrians, bikes)

Establish greater communication channels with council (provide monthly reports regarding major citywide committees, performance)

Enhance customer service through survey results/benchmarks.

Revamp city committees for greater focus and effectiveness

Evaluate effective use of TV/broadcast channels

Increase use of social media

Establish information technology governance board (to review return on investment, process buy-in, long-range planning, oversight)

Integrate enhanced technology solutions and seek to make best use of technological platforms (electric car plug-ins)

Improve teamwork and communication at executive level

Enhance communication and marketing of city services

Explore regional fuel station (using alternative fuels; partner with Air Quality District)

Collaborate and analyze methane fuel cell

Integrate selected audit report recommendations into strategic plan

Re-evaluate Transient Occupancy Tax use/distribution (evaluate and compare to other cities; concentrate on return)

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