Sheriff not trying to pull fast one

We’re glad Sheriff Adam Christianson got his new digital aerial camera. The purchase, discussed and approved by the Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors this week, is quite expensive (more than the cost of the airplane that will carry it aloft). But it undoubtedly will be a pivotal crime-fighting tool if it does all the things it claims it can do, such as tracking heat signatures, seeing through fog and being able to focus clearly down to criminals’ footwear.


Who will power Escalon, Ripon and Manteca?

Should the residents Ripon, Escalon and Manteca buy their electricity from a company that has reliably provided it for nearly a century or from themselves? After eight years of debate, this tough question could be decided by Wednesday.


Our View: Denham breaks ranks on slap at Obama

Rep. Jeff Denham was on the wrong side of a meaningless vote last week to challenge President Obama’s executive action on immigration. By wrong side, we mean he voted with the Democrats. But it was the right decision, and we applaud not only his vote but also that Denham had the courage to stand up against his party.

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