Katie Belin: Proud to be union-free

06/09/2014 4:47 PM

06/09/2014 11:06 PM

Regarding “Petition filed to hold union vote among nurses at Memorial Medical Center in Modesto” (Online, May 16; Page B1, May 17): I am a registered nurse at Memorial Medical Center in Modesto, and I dislike the negative light in which our hospital is being portrayed by the California Nurses Association.

We are voting in June to decide whether or not to unionize. I want everyone to know that a large portion of the RNs at our hospital do not want a union. We have an excellent hospital with excellent staff. We give great patient care and put patient safety first. As the only non-union hospital in Modesto, Memorial has been the one to receive the Consumer’s Choice Award for the past 13 years.

Some representatives and supporters of CNA have crossed the line of professionalism, and have lost my trust and respect. They interrupt our work, sit in our break rooms, deface our anti-union fliers, and can be pushy and overbearing. Representatives have been caught breaking rules by entering the hospital.

Memorial is a great employer who pays well and appreciates us. Management is supportive, has an open-door policy, and listens to our opinions and ideas. They meet or exceed state staffing laws, create the feeling of family, and practice teamwork.

I’m proud to be union free at MMC!

Katie Belin, Modesto

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