The Modesto Bee News in Education


Students can flip through the pages of the digital edition just like they were reading a printed copy of the day's newspaper. Plus, the e-edition technology makes finding, reading and sharing artcles fast and fun.

  • Search for articles by page number or keyword. Keyword searches return results from the past seven editions.
  • Zoom in on articles and ads for easy reading. Adjust the font size and text format with the click of a mouse.
  • Print articles or full pages for use with classroom presentations when students are off-line.
  • Download the whole paper or individual sections, as PDF files, students can reference off-line without having to be on the Internet.
  • E-mail articles, pictures and ads to friends, family or teachers.
  • Cut and paste articles, advertisements, charts and pictures into presentations, documents or word processing files.


  • Student Familiarity: Using an e-edition is easy; the navigation process resembles that of many websites. Most students are familiar with these tools and prefer digital formats.
  • Ecologically friendly: The e-edition uses fewer resources and less energy to produce and deliver. The current generation of students is environmentally savvy and wants to support "GREEN" programs.
  • State Standards: eBee can help teachers meet state educational content standards by being used in conjunction with state curriculum guidelines.
  • Easy To Use: Search by Keywords then project or print what is applicable to your lesson plans. Each day's edition is available for an entire week. Once placed online, student supplements and teacher guides are available all year.
  • Efficient: One order provides access to e-edition and the eBee News in Education programs produced that year. One e-mailed affidavit each semester confirms all deliveries.


Teacher Resources...
Click on any of the following links for interactive news experiences for you and your students. They're easy to use and make use of the latest in technology's learning tools.