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Powered by Parade Magazine, this site has lots of games and fun for the entire family.
Sponsored by LeapFrog, this site is full of all types of games and teaching materials for teachers, parents and students.
Discovery Science Center is Orange County's leading destination for hands-on fun. Guests can explore more than 100 hands-on exhibits in themed areas: Discovery Stadium, Techno Arts, Air & Space, Perception, Dyanamic Earth, Quake Zone, KidStation, Digital Lab and Gingerbread.
Science-based games for kids of all ages. Information for teachers and parents on how to teach your kids safe-surfing habits.
ARKive's free multi-media educational resource with downloadable, ready to use audio-video modules on a wide range of science and environmentally-based topics.
The Exploratorium is an experimental, hands-on museum designed to spark curiosity, regardless of your age or familiarity with science. Parents and teachers find learning opportunities through the multitude of fascinating information, lesson plans and activities.


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