November 2, 2013

John Duarte: Sabatino and Wenger for MID

I am supporting Carmen Sabatino and Jake Wenger for the Modesto Irrigation District board of directors. Carmen and Jake are clear-headed leaders and are committed to our community. During the water sale debate, these men were active opponents of the sale; they stood up and fought for us when it mattered.

In this election cycle, the prospect of selling water on a long term commitment to San Francisco is political suicide. Jim Mortensen and John Mensinger have taken positions against long-term water sales for their campaigns. During the water sale debate, Mortensen and Mensinger were absent and/or ambivalent. They did not protect our community when it mattered.

In the future, ill-considered water sales and other threats to our most precious resource will resurface. Wenger and Sabatino are leaders that we can trust to stand vigilant against threats to our water as the issue fades over time.



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