Dave Thomas: Why is Marsh so in favor of Measure X?

11/02/2013 7:12 PM

11/02/2013 7:13 PM

I find it curious that Mayor Garrad Marsh and his wife have poured $10,000 into the Yes on Measure X campaign coffers.

The Yes Committee is funded primarily by our local police and fire unions who have contributed about $136,300. Why are they and Marsh fighting so hard for a massive $26 million general fund tax increase? Why is our mayor taking sides in such a public way? Is this pork-barrel taxation the new normal at City Hall?

If passed, the vast majority of Measure X revenue will, in fact, not be spent on cops or firefighters. Even the current ads by the Yes folks include City Hall salaries, and therefore pensions, as a likely recipient of X funds.

Do you think it is unconscionable that our law officers and elected officials find it necessary to mislead taxpayers? They have taken oaths to protect and preserve the law.

Why do they find it necessary to hide the truth about Measure X, which is that it legally cannot be designated for any specific governmental activity?

I leave it to the taxpayers to decide if they approve or disapprove of a tax that I consider to be a charade.



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