David Mollett: Measure X funds need explanation

11/02/2013 7:09 PM

11/02/2013 7:10 PM

I read with interest about the money raised for the Yes on X campaign. What disturbs me the most, if my memory is correct, is that Mayor Garrad Marsh ran his campaign on the fact he would ask for this tax. He could save his $5,000 contribution to the campaign and simply go public with an explanation as to why we need the tax and how he would spend the money.

Reading The Bee opinion pages it is obvious that this tax has some strong opposition. A full page ad in The Bee or a town hall meeting to address the public’s concern with how the money will spent would be a better use of time and money than these misleading fliers that come in the mail.

Furthermore, while I respect retired Police Chief Mike Harden’s work while employed, it loses its value the minute he accepts money to promote the tax that will benefit his friends. What I see is the old adage “spending money to make money,” instead of better managing the money the city of Modesto has been entrusted to spend.



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