November 2, 2013

Robert Moore: Save your money and vote no on X

Wouldn’t it be nice if Modesto’s problems were solved with a small tax increase? The people that came up with Measure X must think we’re all fools.

I’ve lived in Modesto a long time. I’ve watched it slowly deteriorate, homeless people in every corner of the city, violating people’s private property in a multitude of ways, drugs everywhere. Almost every person knows of at least one druggie house; gangs have taken over the city; you’re not even safe going to the park. So these government employees are trying to make us believe this all happened overnight because of the budget cuts.

Don’t be stupid; all these problems were alive and well and getting worse every day when the city was flush with money. Money is not the problem. You could double the Police Department and all you would have is twice as many police standing around telling you we can’t do anything about this problem or that problem.

So please don’t fall for there rhetoric. Save your money; the city will blow your money faster than you can make it.



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