August 3, 2012

Databases: See donations, expenditures of U.S. Congressional candidates Denham and Hernandez

Jeff Denham and Jose Hernandez have raised millions for their 10th Congressional District campaigns, and they are busy raising more and spending as they go.

A new Modesto Bee online database now makes it easy to see exactly who is financing their campaigns and who is financially benefiting from all that electioneering.

Denham contributors

Denham PAC contributors

Denham expenditures

Jose Hernandez contributors

Jose Hernandez PAC contributors

Jose Hernandez expenditures

Thanks to campaign disclosures required by the Federal Election Commission, candidates must make periodic reports detailing contributions and expenditures.

The database allows readers to sort through those donations by the contributors’ names, their occupations or employers’ names, their city, state or ZIP code, or by the amount or date they donated.

Expenditures also can be searched, revealing who got paid and where those people or companies are located, how much they received, when they got paid and what it was for.

The database allows readers to see for themselves who is footing the bills for each candidate and who is cashing in on election spending.

Bee staff writer J.N. Sbranti can be reached at jnsbranti@modbee.com or (209) 578-2196.

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