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Clinton: America faces ‘moment of reckoning’

Clinton speaks to thousands at the Wall Fargo Center, millions more on TV

Says Donald Trump vision is ‘midnight in America’”

Calls Trump unsuited to be commander-in-chief. ‘He loses his cool at the slightest provocation.’

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Tillis helped create ‘discriminatory’ law, but ruling on it likely won’t hurt him

If a court ruling on North Carolina’s voter ID law sparks a backlash against Republicans, time and distance are on U.S. Sen. Thom Tillis’ side – though he’s one of the controversial law’s most ardent defenders and he cited the protracted legal battle over the measure as one of the reasons he voted against Attorney General Loretta Lynch during last year’s confirmation hearings.

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North Carolina lawmakers tiptoe around NATO concerns

NATO will soon play a crucial role in stamping out the overseas threat posed by the Islamic State. North Carolina lawmakers have been cautious not to rail against an anti-alliance message by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump while highlighting the importance and value of the multinational relationship. Maintaining a careful balance between public support and quiet opposition has become an art form in the 2016 presidential election.

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In a purple state, will Clinton’s coattails help or hurt candidates?

Down-ballot Democrats in North Carolina, like gubernatorial hopeful Roy Cooper and U.S. Senate challenger Deborah Ross, could benefit from Hillary Clinton’s sizable presidential campaign investments in one of the South’s most important swing states. Clinton has launched a much larger field operation and voter turnout campaign in N.C. than Donald Trump has, and supporters say she’s positioned to help statewide Democrats on the ballot in November.

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Clinton charges out of convention, into battle with Trump

The Democratic presidential nominee – who joked that she stayed up late after the Democratic National Convention and was running on a caffeine infusion – used a rally here to open the general election, taking direct aim at Republican rival Donald Trump’s appeal to working-class voters and his promise to bring jobs back to communities still struggling to recover from the economic downturn.

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Clinton accepts historic nomination: ‘We can all rise together’

Declaring that America is “at a moment of reckoning,” Hillary Clinton accepted her party’s presidential nomination, and cast herself as the right candidate to unite the country to address its economic and national security issues. Also: The father of a fallen Muslim American soldier delivered an emotional message to Donald Trump. Republicans for Clinton took the stage. There is another FBI probe of an email hacking. What’s next? A bitter campaign.


Ted Cruz draws boos after refusing to endorse Trump

In his speech Wednesday night at the GOP Convention, Ted Cruz refused to endorse Donald Trump, instead saying “vote your conscience” which drew loud boos from inside Quicken Loans Arena.
Ted Cruz draws boos after refusing to endorse Trump 2:18

Ted Cruz draws boos after refusing to endorse Trump

NYT: At the Libertarian Convention 1:52

NYT: At the Libertarian Convention

Clinton and Trump respond to Orlando shooting 3:50

Clinton and Trump respond to Orlando shooting

Modesto voters talk about candidates, Election Day 2:01

Modesto voters talk about candidates, Election Day