July 16, 2014

Fans line up early for Fifth Harmony at Stanislaus County Fair

A couple of years ago, Big Time Rush drew the daylong wait in the sun at the Stanislaus County Fair. This year, it’s all about Fifth Harmony.

If a young person gets out of bed in the pre-dawn hours around here this time of year – by choice – chances are he or she is headed to the Stanislaus County Fair. Most of these folks are showing an animal in competition. But the draw for the others, including about 20 people in line Wednesday: a popular musical act.

A couple of years ago, Big Time Rush drew the daylong wait in the sun. This year, it was all about Fifth Harmony.

The band, booked after Disney star Zendaya backed out of her scheduled performance, has been growing in popularity since forming on the “X Factor” television show. Last week, the girls performed in New York as part of the summer concert series on the “Today” morning show.

Locally, a radio station contest rewarded its winners with the chance to hop on a carnival ride with the five band members.

On Wednesday, Elizabeth Silva, 19, and Whitney Boyarsky, 20, both of Modesto, arrived at the fair gate at 3 a.m. They were quickly followed by Emma Cordero, 12, of Ripon and Ximena Herrera, 12, of Livingston. Ximena’s mom dropped off the younger two.

All four said they didn’t mind waiting for the 8:30 p.m concert. Emma hadn’t slept in more than 24 hours. “Sleep is for the weak,” she said, laughing.

But why wait in the sticky heat of a Central Valley summer to grab premium seats at a free concert? Because they’re big fans of Fifth Harmony, of course.

“We want to be able to interact with them and to have the best experience,” Silva said.

Pointed out Boyarsky: “They’re up and coming. They probably won’t be back this way again.”

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