April 3, 2014

Turlock will talk about biking, walking routes

The city of Turlock invites residents to a Saturday meeting on bicycle paths and other nonmotorized ways of getting around.

Residents who like to bicycle or walk can share their ideas Saturday on improving routes in the city – and try some out alongside planners in this field.

A workshop at Turlock City Hall will launch the drafting of the Active Transportation Plan. It will assess the state of nonmotorized ways of getting around and how they might be enhanced.

“We’re looking at providing transportation options that aren’t just vehicle transportation,” City Manager Roy Wasden said.

Turlock city planner Rose Stillo said the staff hopes to hear from business owners, parents, students and other residents who bike or walk – or who don’t do so because of poor conditions.

The plan will assess possible improvements to Turlock streets, including a review of construction standards, and efforts to educate residents about walking and biking. The city plans to use the findings as it applies for state and federal grants for projects, which officials said could improve the health of residents and the local economy.

Saturday’s meeting will include a brief presentation from Alta Planning + Design and Omni-Means, nationally known experts in designing for walking and biking. Participants also will learn about the Complete Streets movement, which works to bring balance to streets dominated by cars.

The workshop will end with optional one-hour tours on foot or bicycle with the consultant team and city staff to discuss what’s working or not working in Turlock. Walkers and cyclists of all skill levels are invited; adults must accompany children.

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