Jeff Jardine

May 12, 2014

Jeff Jardine: More Graffiti legends to be honored on Modesto’s 10th Street walk of fame

Tuesday’s mishmash includes the planned addition of more Legends of the Cruise; local water makes good in Las Vegas; and other tidbits on locks, a lost item and an incorrect location.

From the emails and the voice mails:

CRUISE CONTROL – In June, Modesto dedicated its first five Legends of the Cruise sidewalk markers along 10th Street, recalling the glory days of the cruise downtown. June 4, five more will join 2013 inductees George Lucas, custom car builder Gene Winfield, and “American Graffiti” cast members Candy Clark, Bo Hopkins and Paul LeMat.

This round will include local classic car legend Bart Bartoni, Pete Hischier, the late Chuck Billington, Terry McGrath and Leroy Applequest, the motorcycle cop who ticketed so many of the cruisers. When the city placed cones to make 10th a one-way street, McGrath drove in the new illegal direction and knocked them all down. The police were waiting for him at the end of the street, event organizer Chris Murphy said.

Hopkins and Clark will return to Modesto for this year’s dedication.

Check out for more information.

WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS – Doesn’t always stay in Vegas. Oakdale resident Bill Bossard and his brother, who lives in Montana, meet up a couple of times each year in Las Vegas to catch up and contribute to Nevada’s economy.

One such visit happened last week, and they stayed at a downtown hotel called “The D,” once known as Fitzgerald’s. While there, Bossard grabbed a small bottle of water bearing the house label. He looked at the label to see where the hotel gets its water and was surprised to see “Source: Modesto Municipal Water Supply/Modesto, CA.”

Bossard’s first thought was why, with the West in a prolonged drought, is the city of Modesto selling water to a hotel in Las Vegas?

Turns out the water isn’t directly a city product. It is bottled in Modesto by a company called Hydration Source LLC, for companies based in Michigan and Texas, and has been for more than a decade. The Lubbock-based parent company, the Hurley Cos., is one of the largest private-label bottled water providers in the nation. Some of the water bottled in Modesto is shipped directly to Las Vegas, while other shipments go to Texas for labeling.

OMG! – Last week, San Joaquin County sheriff’s deputies pulled over a black BMW near Mountain House. The reason? Expired registration. Further investigation determined the driver had an outstanding arrest warrant from Contra Costa County and a suspended driver’s license. So the deputies searched the trunk and found 20 bags of processed and packaged marijuana averaging one pound per bag.

The deputies arrested and booked Almighty Allah of Antioch. No, really. According to his driver’s license, he is 37 years old. There you have it, folks. Almighty Allah was booked into the San Joaquin County Jail on suspicion of possession and transporting pot. They cited him on driving with a suspended license and having expired registration.

LOVE LOCKS – In the early 2000s, the fad of love locks began. People would paint their sweetheart’s name on a padlock or combination lock and attach it to a chain link fence in public view. Others would add their own as well, and soon a noticeable collection would form.

Modesto resident Don Lenkeit emailed to say he’s noticed love locks on the fence atop the Virginia Corridor trail bridge over Briggsmore Avenue. A visit to the bridge confirmed there does appear to be the makings of the fad here. About a dozen locks – including one lock that is, well, unlocked – are on the fence, both sides combined, and no more than three very close together.

STILL LOOKING – On May 1, Turlock resident Elain Ahrhein and a friend spent the day shopping in Modesto. They hit the thrift shops on McHenry Avenue, then the mall and had lunch at the Brighter Side downtown. When she got home that evening, she realized her bracelet was no longer on her wrist. It wasn’t just any silver bracelet. It was a present from her son, Karl, on his wedding day. A sentimental piece, indeed. She returned to Modesto the next morning and retraced her steps in hopes that someone had found it and turned it in. No luck thus far. If you found it and have a conscience, you can return it to the security station at the Vintage Faire Mall, where officials have her contact information.

GPS CHALLENGED – In my Sunday column, I placed the new La Grange gateway arch and monument at the corner of Highway 132 and Bonds Flat Road. In actuality, they placed it in an entirely different spot, and one much closer to town. It’s at 132 and La Grange Road. Can’t miss it coming east from Modesto.

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