Jeff Jardine

Snuffing out a bad habit by quitting smoking

When a man at a gas station said he’d smoked his last cigarette because of the price, his tone seemed to infer that he thought he was punishing the store clerk and the tobacco industry. But he isn’t punishing the clerk, the station’s owner or Big Tobacco. He’s only helping himself.

Jeff Jardine

Jeff Jardine: Young Modesto writers make healing personal

Somerset Middle School teacher Susan Romero discovered that 15 of her students in 2013 had lost loved ones and were dealing with the emotions of those losses. So she persuaded 13 of them to write about their experience and assembled it into a book intended to help other teens face the same dilemmas.

Jeff Jardine

West Side shelter could do more with more

Patterson has roughly 22,000 residents and a growing homeless population. Yet until 2013, the city had no homeless emergency housing as required by SB 2, signed into law in 2007 and applicable to any city of more than 10,000 residents. Today, it has HOST House, giving a hand up to “people who are making changes in their lives.”

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