Jeff Jardine

Modesto program Sound-ing out need for new studio home

Modesto Sound, a nonprofit that helps students ages 13 through 22 learn the basics of recording, could go quiet if it can’t find a new home by May 15. After three years at Gregori High School, the school needs the space for other activities, leaving executive director Brenda Francis to look for new digs.

Jeff Jardine

Another tough day at Hornitos cattle ranch

A month ago, 59-year-old Gary Thompson of Escalon led a riderless horse up the trail to his best friend’s funeral in Hornitos. Last weekend, the horse threw Thompson, sending him to the hospital with a severe head injury. And so begins Tuesday’s multi-subject column ... .

Jeff Jardine

Halted artifacts auction reminds us Japanese Americans were mistreated in Valley, too

When an auction house in New Jersey planned to put up for bid a collection of artifacts from Japanese Americans who were in internment camps during World War II, Japanese Americans protested to halt the sale. The issue was of particular interest here in the Valley, where thousands of Japanese Americans were evicted from their homes and sent to camps throughout the Western states until the war ended.

Jeff Jardine

Snuffing out a bad habit by quitting smoking

When a man at a gas station said he’d smoked his last cigarette because of the price, his tone seemed to infer that he thought he was punishing the store clerk and the tobacco industry. But he isn’t punishing the clerk, the station’s owner or Big Tobacco. He’s only helping himself.

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