Jardine: Taking spins around Modesto, positively

When Modesto gets a mention in the media, it’s too often unflattering. Not this week, though. A TV show came to film with no intent of dissing the town. And a geocaching event will be here Saturday, highlighting the city’s most beloved landmarks.

Jeff Jardine

Jeff Jardine: Will billboard heat up cold case?

Tuesday’s mishmash begins with hopes that a billboard will help solve a 2010 hit-and-run case that left a 25-year-old woman dead east of Riverbank. Last spring, the California Highway Patrol investigators tried to step up their probe into the death of Amy Lynn Freeseha.

Jeff Jardine

Jeff Jardine: Dog attacks stoke horrific memories for 2012 victim

Nearly three years after being attacked by dogs on her property, 65-year-old Stephanie Mills of Hughson still has emotional scars to go with the physical ones. She’s afraid to walk on her own land for fear of being attacked again. She understands what recent victims Juan Fernandez and his mother, Maria Fernandez, endured.

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