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Riverbank, fire district clash over who should pay assessment on former ammunition plant property

For years the Stanislaus Consolidated Fire Protection District has been out around $50,000 a year because no one can agree on who is responsible for paying an assessment levied for fire services on a 173-acre industrial complex in Riverbank. The former Army ammunition plant on Claus Road is owned by the U.S. Army but leased by the city of Riverbank as part of the Department of Defense’s 2005 Base Realignment and Closure. The plan is for the Army to eventually convey the property to the city, but in the meantime, neither the city nor the Army believes it is responsible for paying the assessment.

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Firefighters save more than people’s lives

Firefighters’ first priority at a structure fire is to preserve life; after that their focus is to contain the fire and salvage property. Even while one crew battles the blaze another is throwing tarps over property and searching for items the resident will need or that are irreplaceable. These are some of the stories about what they look for and what people ask for.

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Some homes exempt from lawn-parking law

Some stories are timeless. In the case of this column, those are the stories that continue to pop up in people’s Google searches as they seek advice on issues like what can be done about the incessant barking of a neighbor’s dog or what to do with an old satellite dish.

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Community paramedic program aims to ease ER overcrowding

A mental health patient can tie up a bed in an emergency department for hours awaiting medical screening by a physician. A pilot program in Stanislaus County, however, is designed to ease the burden on overcrowded emergency departments by giving a small group of community paramedics the authority to screen the patients in the field and transport them directly to the county’s crisis center and, if needed, inpatient mental health facility.

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The stories behind Modesto’s auto theft capital status

Every year, thousands of vehicles are stolen in Stanislaus County. Every week, The Bee runs the booking photos of suspects who are caught. Behind every statistic and mug shot is a victim who has to rely on others to get to work or get their kids to school, who has to scrimp and scrape to repair or replace their vehicle and who has lasting feelings their personal space was violated.


Bee Investigator: Cops, firefighters partner up for new Fire Investigation Unit

The Stanislaus Regional Fire Investigation Unit is a partnership between Stanislaus County, Modesto, Ceres and Stanislaus Consolidated Fire Protection District. The model is designed to have fire investigators determining origin and cause and law enforcement personnel conducting the criminal investigation with the intent to mitigate bias and have each function working to its core strengths.

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Modesto-area drivers: Here’s what to do when you hear a siren

Lights flashing, sirens blaring, a giant red fire engine in your rear-view mirror; it’s enough to make some drivers panic. They stop in the middle of the street, pull over in the wrong direction and run red lights to get out of the way. The crews at Modesto Fire Station No. 5 at McHenry and Briggsmore avenues responded to 4,200 calls last year and have seen it all. So I asked them for some reminders about yielding to emergency vehicles.


Flood-Plagued Dryden will re-open April 10

Dryden Park Golf Club, closed since Feb. 16, will re-open April 10. It's seen on Tuesday, March 28, 2017, at Modesto, Ca. (By Ron Agostini/
Flood-Plagued Dryden will re-open April 10 1:38

Flood-Plagued Dryden will re-open April 10

Dogwoods' bark feels vandals' bite 1:16

Dogwoods' bark feels vandals' bite

Flowers await at Modesto farmers market 0:49

Flowers await at Modesto farmers market

Toor de Cakes and Servpro owner Harinder Toor 0:37

Toor de Cakes and Servpro owner Harinder Toor