Nan Austin

March 26, 2014

Landmark lawsuit has closing arguments today

Vergara v California trial to overturn seniority-based layoffs winds up with closing arguments today.

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The potentially pivotal lawsuit seeking to overturn California’s strong job protections and seniority layoff system for teachers winds up Thursday.

Ahead of Thursday’s closing arguments, Students Matter, the nonprofit that pressed the lawsuit, released a statement saying, in part: “Vergara v. California challenges five statutes of the state's education code that handcuff the public education system and prevent all of California’s public school students from having the same opportunity to succeed. Over the past two months, Plaintiffs’ attorneys have presented substantial evidence and testimony from experts, principals, teachers, and students of the harm done by California’s permanent employment, dismissal and seniority-based layoff laws to students.”

Teachers unions released a statement saying, in part: “During the last two months, the plaintiffs failed to make any legal or logical connection between these laws and real issues important to our students and schools. This trial has simply been a charade hiding the real agenda of corporate interest groups—to do away with educators’ rights and their unions, privatize schools and services, and deepen their pockets and those of their billionaire supporters—all on the backs of our students.”

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