March 20, 2013

ON CAMPUS: Spanish GED launches online

Computer GED testing is now available in Spanish.

The GED Testing Service,, launched a Spanish-language GED test on computer. The English test was already available online and will be the only option starting in 2014.

Why it matters: One in five U.S. residents has no high school diploma, but fewer than one in three U.S. Latinos have one, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Things to know about the GED:

Sections passed on the old paper and pencil tests will not count toward computer test versions, so those midway through the process need to finish up this year.

The computer price is $28 per subject, which adds up to $140 for the full GED. Charges for the paper and pencil test are approximately $150 statewide, but fees are established by each individual testing centers.

Through May 31, 2013, any adult who chooses to begin their GED test on computer will receive one free retake, visit

Stanislaus County has only one GED testing center, administered by the Stanislaus County Office of Education. The Stanislaus Literacy Center offers test prep, but not the test itself.

Over the last year, the GED online test was taken by 40,000 adults, who had an 88 percent pass rate compared to 71 percent for those who tested on paper. Adults who tested on computer completed their exams in five and half hours compared to about eight hours on paper. Since 1942 more than 18 million adults have earned their GED® test credential. Nearly 800,000 GED® tests are taken each year, and in 2010, more than 470,000 individuals were awarded their high school credential through the GED® testing program.

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