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August 14, 2003

Thursday's statement from the Rocha family

Adam Stewart, attorney for the Rocha family, sent this letter to various news organizations Thursday:

Sharon Rocha and all of Laci's family have asked that the following statement be issued on their behalf in response to numerous requests from the media for comment:

"These past eight months have been tremendously difficult for our family as we put so much hope and energy behind searching for Laci only to have our worst fears confirmed in April. There are no words to describe the pain we felt when we learned the remains were those of our beautiful daughter and unborn grandson. We have spent these past four months enduring this pain every day, every hour, every minute.

"The events of this week have once again added pain to our daily grief as we read in the newspaper details regarding our daughter and grandson's remains and hear unnecessary graphic details when we turn on the television. We respectfully ask that all deliberate attention and effort be made by Mr. Geragos to return Laci and Conner to us. As the family, we plead with the media to be sensitive to the fact that this is not a media story to us. This is our Laci and Conner whom we love with all our hearts. This is not a story this is our life.

"Please treat her in death respectfully so that we as her family will be allowed to lay her and Conner to rest in dignity and peace when the time comes. We ask that you respect our privacy and understand our pain as we grieve for our beautiful Laci and baby Conner."

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