Peterson: Disappearance & Arrest

March 13, 2003

Judge protects message between Peterson, attorney

A judge has ruled that investigators are not allowed to see the contents of an envelope that police found during a recent search of Scott Peterson's home, court records show.

Police found the envelope addressed to Modesto attorney Kirk McAllister while serving a search warrant Feb. 18 at Peterson's Covena Avenue home.

That warrant also covered a Dodge pickup and a storage unit.

It was unclear from court documents if the envelope was the same one that police identified in a separate search warrant.

The McAllister envelope held confidential communication between client and attorney, Stanislaus County Superior Court Judge Wray Ladine ruled during a Feb. 26 hearing.

The hearing was open to the public and listed on the court calendar. The listing referred to a search warrant but did not include a reference to Scott or Laci Peterson.

Court records show that at least three items were in the envelope.

After police found the envelope, they asked the court to appoint a special master to examine its contents, according to a court document.

State law requires a special master when the gathering of evidence might violate four legally protected relationships: between an individual and his or her lawyer, psychologist or psychiatrist, priest and doctor.

In other developments, an April 2 hearing has been set for The Bee's request to unseal eight search warrants in the investigation. The petition contends that the warrants were not sealed in accordance with state law.

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