Scott Peterson Case

November 19, 2003


  • Modesto police Detective Jon Buehler testified that Scott Peterson had $15,000 cash and extensive camping gear with him when he was arrested April 18 near San Diego. A driver's license issued to Peterson's brother was on the center console of the car next to Peterson's wallet. Defense attorney Mark Geragos suggested that the license was used for a discount at Torrey Pines Golf Course.
  • Peterson exchanged 241 cell phone calls with his former girlfriend Amber Frey in a 93-day period starting five weeks before his pregnant wife disappeared, Stanislaus County district attorney's office investigator Steve Jacobson testified.
  • Peterson and Frey called each other nearly every day until Feb. 19, including seven calls on Christmas and 16 the next day, Jacobson said. There were no calls Dec. 24, the day authorities believe Peterson dumped his wife's body in San Francisco Bay.
  • Peterson told Frey on Jan. 6 -- more than a week after his wife disappeared Christmas Eve -- that he was "longing to hold onto" Frey, Buehler said.
  • Peterson never tried in taped calls to dissuade Frey from going to the police about their relationship, Buehler said.
  • Jacobson said he was aware that federal drug agents had mounted a surveillance camera on a pole across the street from the Petersons' Covena Avenue home, but said he did not inform prosecution officials about it. Peterson's attorneys sought videotapes from the camera in the hopes they contain information beneficial to the defense. Prosecutors initially said they didn't have the tapes.
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