Detectives nab six suspects in Modesto triple homicide

02/26/2013 8:01 AM

11/11/2013 9:17 PM

MODESTO - Nearly one year after three people were shot dead inside a southeast Modesto home, detectives arrested six people in the case Tuesday.

Two arrests were made in the morning in Stanislaus Superior Court, surprising suspects who were there for an appearance in an unrelated weapons case.

Robert Palomino, 43, and Juan Jose Nila, 27, were leaving Department 6 when officers approached them and took them into a nearby room. A few minutes later, they emerged in handcuffs and were taken away.

Immediately following the courthouse arrests, four others already in custody on different charges were rebooked on suspicion of murder. Those four included Nila's uncles Armando Osegueda, 31, and Jose Osegueda Jr., 36. The others were Richard Garcia, 31, and Joseph Luis Jauriqui, 23.

The arrests culminated more than 11 months of investigation, efforts to safeguard witnesses and a promise by detectives to the families of 16-year-old David Siebels, 19-year-old Alyxandria Tellez and 31-year-old Edward Joseph Reinig that arrests would be made before the one-year anniversary of their deaths in the early hours March 3.

Graphic details of what occurred inside the two-story house across from the Creekside Golf Course, as well as of a torture case involving the sole survivor of the shootings, have emerged from court documents obtained by The Bee. Police previously have said the cases are related.

Documents show police had set up surveillance cameras after the alleged Jan. 27, 2012, torture and obtained video of the suspects leaving their Ceres apartment before the homicides. Police arrested the alleged victim's then-boyfriend, Garcia, and Garcia's friend Armando Osegueda in the torture case after searching the Richland Avenue apartment and finding methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia, a stolen television and about $6,500 in cash. They were booked on charges including false imprisonment, assault with a deadly weapon and, later, torture.

Police say the woman was severely beaten, her arms and legs bound with packaging tape and mouth gagged with a tie. She was burned with lighters and told she would have to dig her own grave.

Armando Osegueda's brother Jose Osegueda Jr. also was arrested last year as a result of the apartment search; he faces drug charges. All three were booked then at the Stanislaus County Jail, but all had been released on bail or to a work program before the March 3 killings.

According to a search warrant, Ceres police continued to investigate the suspects and the Norteño gang to which they allegedly belong, the Empire Boyz.

From the surveillance camera facing the Richland Avenue apartment, investigators caught activity on March 3 involving Armando Osegueda, Nila and a third person whose identity has not yet been confirmed. At about 1 a.m., Armando Osegueda and the unidentified man can be seen sitting on the steps leading up to the apartment complex. Both appear to be wearing gloves and scraping against concrete various small objects believed to be ammunition, according to the warrant. They then hold the objects close to their faces and examine them "as if they were checking to see the markings and other characteristics of the ammunition were altered," the search warrant says.

In the nearly two hours that follow, they can be seen coming and going from the apartment several times. At 2:42 a.m., Nila arrives at the apartment, and seven minutes later, all three leave, according to the warrant.

About the same time, two men broke into the alleged torture victim's home on McClure Road, where she slept in an upstairs bedroom next door to a bedroom where her roommate, Reinig, slept with his girlfriend, Tellez. The 19-year-old torture victim's younger brother, Siebels, slept on a sofa downstairs.

The woman, whose name is being withheld for her protection, told police she woke to a man in her room using a cellphone to emit a dim light.

She at first thought the man was her brother, but realized it couldn't be because he didn't have a cell phone, according to the search warrant.

The woman became concerned as she watched the man leave her room and head toward Reinig's room. She heard a gunshot and Reinig scream, followed by four more gunshots, the search warrant states.

She told police she heard one man say to another something to the effect of, "What was that, who's that?" then the sound of her sister's door being kicked in. Her sister was out of town at the time with her fiancé, Reinig's brother.

She heard nothing after that and hid while she called 911.

When officers arrived, they found Siebels face down on the downstairs sofa with two gunshot wounds to the back of his head. When officers went upstairs, they discovered Reinig's body on the floor with bullet holes in his chest and the top of his head. Tellez was face up in bed; she'd been shot three times in the chest.

Police will not say what roles the suspects are alleged to have had in the triple homicide.

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JAN. 27, 2012: An 18-year-old woman allegedly is tortured by her boyfriend in an apartment on the 1700 block of Richland Avenue in Ceres. She is tied up, beaten, burned with lighters and told she will have to dig her own grave. Her boyfriend also allegedly discusses with a friend an idea of hiding her body in a mattress to get her discreetly from the apartment.

FEB. 7: The woman's boyfriend, Richard Garcia, 31, and his friend Armando Osegueda, 31, are arrested for crimes associated with the torture case. Armando's brother Jose Osegueda Jr., 36, also is arrested during searches of Garcia's home related to drug charges. Methamphetamine is found in the home, as well as evidence that attempts were made to dispose of the narcotics and evidence of sales.

FEB. 8: Garcia bails out of jail on a $50,000 bond.

FEB. 28: Armando Osegueda is released from jail to serve a 94-day sentence in the Sheriff's Work Alternative Program on charges unrelated to the Jan. 27 abuse. (The district attorney's office had not yet filed charges associated with the torture case. Osegueda never attended the work program.)

MARCH 3: Three people are shot to death inside a southeast Modesto home. The only person left alive is the 18-year-old alleged torture victim. Killed in the McClure Road home are Edward Reinig, 31, Alyxandria Tellez, 19, and the 18-year-old woman's brother, David Siebels, 16.

MARCH 4: Garcia is rearrested on charges associated with abusing his girlfriend. This time, the charge of torture is added to the list, increasing his bail amount to $1 million and keeping him in jail.

MARCH 18: The survivor's witness protection location is compromised. Several people associated with the case are arrested on unrelated charges at the extended-stay hotel in a nearby city where authorities have housed the survivor. Modesto police serve search warrants at multiple Modesto locations just a few hours later, arresting four people. Armando Osegueda is arrested on suspicion of possessing a counterfeit $100 bill. Torture is added to his list of charges March 27.

APRIL 15: Jose Osegueda Jr., Robert Palomino, 43, and Juan Jose Nila, 27, are arrested with three other men on suspicion of possession of an assault weapon for sale and participating in a criminal street gang. Palomino and Nila make bail, but Osegueda remains in custody.

NOV. 13: Malissa Boldroff, 20, is arrested on suspicion of being an accessory to murder. Police say she lied about the whereabouts of her boyfriend, Armando Osegueda, on the night of the triple homicide. She bails out shortly after her arrest. Jose Manuel Obregon, 19, and Abbygail Castillo, 26, later are named as co-defendants in the accessory case. Castillo is a friend and "associate" of some of the suspects, and Obregon was Garcia's neighbor.

DEC. 3: Joseph Luis Jauriqui is arrested by California Highway Patrol officers on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, unrelated to the triple homicide.

FEB. 26, 2013: Palomino and Nila are arrested in court and charged with three counts of murder. Four people already in jail on other charges also are charged with the killings: Armando Osegueda, Jose Osegueda Jr., Garcia and Jauriqui.

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