June 12, 2014

Father’s Day: A tale of remote controls, golf and nuts

If there is a dad or a dad figure in your life, he deserves some recognition, and we and our readers are here to help with some ideas.

Alas, poor dads.

When we reached out asking for Mother’s Day gift ideas, we were inundated with responses. This month, when we tried it for Father’s Day, we didn’t get quite so much feedback.

Why, you might ask?

Well, it could be that while people love their dads, they don’t feel so compelled to show it with gifts. Or it could be that some people – moms, maybe – feel like every day is Father’s Day already. Or – and this probably is the most likely – it could be that dads are pretty easy to please, and a shift mowing the lawn or washing the car will do.

However, if there is a dad or a dad figure in your life, he deserves some recognition, and we and our readers are here to help with some ideas.

Christina Reeves went all out last year. She posted a photo on our Facebook page of her husband wearing a custom-made baseball jersey. The name on the back: “Her Daddy.” He’s accompanied by his daughter in a similar jersey, adorned “His world.”

“He loved it!” Reeves wrote. Of course he did – that’s awesome.

Baylee Bardonner went with a little less expense. “I was real little, and I wrapped up my dad’s remote in really nice paper and a bow, and gave it to him.”

Emily Dawn gave an inspired gift: “My father had some old, broken-down desert landscape paintings collecting dust in the closet,” she said. “My grandma (his mother) had painted them when he was a kid. One year, I repurposed them, fixed their frames and hung them up in my parents’ room. I think that was probably the best gift I could give, and it only cost my time and love to fix.”

Melissa Whitehead kept it simple but sincere: “A hug.”

Heeding the old adage that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, Judy Gomez is getting her husband and her grandfather their own case of Mexican Coca-Cola – their favorite.

Les Stachura’s kids surprised him with a barbecue grill. “Way better than a tie,” he said.

Nuts are also a popular choice. Brittney Mitich of Stewart & Jasper Orchards said that Father’s Day is a busy time at the stores. “As is Mother’s Day.”

If you’re looking for a gift idea, Mitich suggested a pre-made gift basket with several varieties of nuts.

“We also have gift boxes you can pick out and fill,” she said. “That’s a really great idea, too.” She suggested adding a bottle of wine for a festive touch.

If Dad isn’t into nuts, you might want to head over to Bilson’s Sport Shop in Turlock. Each year, the longtime retailer runs Father’s Day specials.

This year’s include a camouflage dartboard and shot glasses that look like shotgun shells.

“We’ve gotten a lot of calls today asking what the specials are,” co-owner Brad Bilson said Thursday.

But just as with the moms, sometimes the homemade gift, or even just the gift of time, is best.

Following is an unscientific survey of the dads around The Modesto Bee’s newsroom of their favorite Father’s Day gifts:

One editor’s wife got their kids shirts that read “My dad rocks!” and then had a photograph taken of them. “Then, of course, I got to see them many times in the shirts before they outgrew them,” he said.

Another dad’s prized possession is a paper tie made by his son in the first grade. Now his son is in high school, and the gift he seeks each year? “Four to five uninterrupted hours in the afternoon to watch the final round of the U.S. Open golf tournament.”

One dad keeps it simple: “The only Father’s Day gift I’ve ever received from my sons is that they try to spend that Sunday afternoon with me and away from their video games and other distractions,” he said. In the past, that’s been a ballgame, a crawfish festival or just watching golf together on television.

Whatever you get dear old Dad, it’s very likely he will love it because it came from you. That said, it will be hard to beat Joshua Rowton’s gift. As he posted on Facebook:

“My first child was born the day before Father’s Day four years ago.”

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