August 3, 2012

Bomb suspect caught in Oakdale

Oakdale police arrested a man Wednesday who they say earlier this year left a pipe bomb in a backpack near the Police Department after assaulting an officer.

A warrant was issued for David Geren's arrest on possession of an explosive device in April. He had fought with an officer who tried to stop him near the police station. Geren fled, leaving behind his backpack with the bomb inside, according to Sgt. Joseph Carrillo. The station was evacuated and the Stanislaus County bomb squad was called to detonate the device.

The officer with whom Geren fought in April spotted him Thursday in the 400 block of Birdwell Street. Geren led the officer on a half-mile foot pursuit to an apartment complex at 425 Third Ave., where he hid inside an apartment, Carrillo said. When Geren, 24, left the apartment, officers approached him and he again tried to fight back, but this time was apprehended. He was arrested in connection with the explosive device warrant, as well as on suspicion of battery on a police officer.

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