Plenty of talk about Hooker arrest on The Bee's Facebook page

04/06/2012 3:34 PM

04/06/2012 4:42 PM

Plenty of people on The Bee’s Facebook page had something to say about the arrest of former Enochs High teacher James Hooker. Here are a few of their opinions:

"I figured there would be more."

"Not surprising"

"Glad that predator has been arrested."

"So disgusting to know he has been doing this for over a decade! You knoooow there's gotta be more girls who just won’t speak up. Makes me so sad for his family."

"I'm glad that he is being “detained” although he will be out by Monday. the Davis student from 1998 that accused him will have a hard time convincing a jury since he’s gonna claim he was railroaded here. I’m certain that this pedophile has ...other victims that have repressed or minimized what happened to them. These guys always have way more victims and think they won’t get caught. I’m glad that Jordan is with her mom and hopefully a little light is now being shone on the fantasy she thought she had with Hooker."

"Best thing I've heard next to the icecream truck!!!"

"He abused his position as a mentor, teacher and person in a position of trust. He is off his rocker thinking he has one morsel in common with this young lady. Poor girl. She just wants to love...he took advantage of her. Thank goodness he will NEVER be a teacher again!"

"Unfortunately he is not the only teacher to overstep in our community. If you think your children are safe in the classroom, you need to check yourself! Be vigilant and "drop in" on your childs class regularly and unannounced, I am sorry we didn't and wish I had."

"He basically gave it up on Dr. Phil. :) I'm so happy that Jordan got a way out! Great news!"


"Lord only knows how many girls he did this to that haven't told the police. At least that monster is going to have sit in jail for awile."

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