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Q: What are your thoughts on Barack Obama's selection of Joe Biden as his vice presidential running mate?

Sen. Obama made a logical choice in choosing Joe Biden as his running mate. Biden balances the ticket by adding some experience and a dash of conservatism.

-- Laura Staley, Modesto

Nothing like having the very thing you are trying to change be your frontman. I think it is a slap in Mrs. Clinton's face (not that I wanted her) but hopefully that will help us. And it's going to be fun to see Biden's own words about Barack used against him.

-- Debbra Hunt, Modesto

It is too early to tell and unfortunately with the late announcement from both camps, we will get voters who vote strictly on party lines rather than being informed and making the best choice. He is Catholic, he supports a woman's right to chose, he feels gay marriage should not scare us and is in favor of stem cell research. So far, so good. However, some say no matter what the choice, we are choosing between the lesser of the two evils.

-- Kathy Salvatore, Modesto

I think Obama made a good choice. Biden's experience makes the ticket stronger. I believe his experience in the foreign-relations committee further solidifies that this administration would do better than the current one in foreign relations (although that won't be difficult with how low the bar has been set by the current administration ...). Biden's beliefs and priorities align well with Obama's. I respect his choice and I believe if McCain chooses a person of as much integrity and substance that this could be a very close election.

-- Jami Westervelt, Gustine

The two men are bringing energy into this election like Bill Clinton and Al Gore did in 1992. While I still want to read, hear and watch more about their agenda in terms of reshaping the economy, Democrats should rejoice now like in '92. If that's the case, Republicans will continue their attacks like former President Bush and his campaign did in '92. In the end, Bush became the Republican version of Jimmy Carter and Clinton and Gore revamped the economy.

-- Mike Bush, Modesto

Even though I am super excited at the prospect of finally electing our first African-American president, I'm disappointed that it has to be Barak Obama. I find him intriguing, motivating, charismatic and shrewd, yet in my gut (politics aside because I don't know much about them except what I hear on NPR and onenewsnow.com), I know he's not the right one. I don't even feel McCain is, either, so I really don't care who their running mates are. Sigh!

-- Nicole Evans, Modesto

I think it shows just how much inexperience he has in comparison to Biden. Biden was right when he stated recently that Obama did not have enough experience to be the president. Obama says he wants to change the way government works and then picks a lifetime politician who is accustomed to the status quo. So which is it, new blood and change or same old Washington?

-- David Wilkinson, Modesto

I really haven't thought about it much. I'm more interested in finding out McCain's choice for vice president. Then I will start to examine the players more closely.

-- Carrie Cardoza Bordona, Oakdale

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