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The Bee publishes birth information from Memorial Medical Center, Emanuel Medical Center and Oak Valley Hospital. Other hospitals, including Doctors Medical Center, do not provide the information. If a birth is not listed, ask the hospital to release the information or submit a copy of the birth certificate to The Bee. Families also can place special announcements in our weekly Celebrations section; for information, call 578-2053.



Memorial Medical Center

March 24

DAGIO: Georgette and Rigoberto, Turlock, girl

GARCIA: Jessica and Arturo, Modesto, girl

GOLLEHER: Darcy and Travis, Waterford, boy

March 23

BARBA: Araceli and Adrian, Modesto, boy

ROTERMUND: Tarah and Brent Beck, Modesto, boy

RUSSELL: Leslie and Robert Carrillo, Modesto, boy

TAMAYO: Maria and Fernando, Modesto, girl

TURNER: Amber and Emiliano Duenas, Modesto, boy

March 22

ALCARAZ: Sonya and Frank, Modesto, girl

KROEZE: Jennifer and Justin, Moccasin, girl

SHAW: Jaime and Phillip, Modesto, girl

March 21

GOBLIRSCH: Tanya and David Mallory, Turlock, girl

GONZALES: Eva and Justin Failing,

Modesto, girl

KRUSE: Elizabeth and Kris, Oakdale, twin boys

MATTHEWS: Karen, Modesto, boy

REYES: Argelia and Juan, Oakdale, girl

SANCHEZ: Teresa and Jose Navarro, Modesto, girl

March 20

KALEKA: Diane and Jatinder, Oakdale, girl

RIVERA: Jovanna and Daniel Martinez, Modesto, boy

ZUNIGA: Ashwani and Joshua, Modesto, girl

March 19

ALVAREZ: Rebecca and Javier, Modesto, girl

BEDOLLA: Ana and Baldomero, Ceres, girl

BUTLER: Ana and Rod, Oakdale, boy

KELLEY: Kristen and Justin, Ripon, boy

McGUIRE: Amber and Jeremy Charland, Patterson, boy

MOFFETT: Katie and Thomas, Keyes, boy

OLSEN: Marisa and Thomas, Modesto, girl

RIOS: Sonya and Chris, Riverbank, boy

SOUSA: Sarah and Edgar Rodriguez, Ceres, boy

March 18

HENDRIX: Nicole and Brandon, Modesto, girl

PACHECO: Kelly and Joe, Modesto, girl

PRICE: Jatoya and Jessie, Modesto, girl

RODRIGUEZ: Maria and Hector Vargas, Salida, boy

March 11

CANNIZZARO: Julia and Gogio, Modesto, boy


Oak Valley Hospital

March 17

EMERSON: Brandi and Dennis Linch, Riverbank, girl

March 6

MITCHELL: Rachelle and Robert,

Hughson, girl

Feb. 25

SANCHEZ: Veronica and Luis, Oakdale, girl


Emanuel Medical Center

March 26

LOPES: Jeanne and Michael, Waterford, girl

RODRIGUEZ: Maria and Luis, Riverbank, boy

March 25

BOYER: Rochelle, Turlock, girl

CISNEROS: Martha and Hector, Modesto, girl

GASTON: Alisha and Chester, Turlock, boy

GINGRAS: Misha, Livingston, boy

GRAY: Laci, Livingston, girl

GUSTELLUM: Michelle and Ricky,

Atwater, girl

SEVILLA: Sandra, Modesto, girl

March 24

AGUILAR: Carmen and Fabian, Livingston, girl

CLAROS: Maria and Gustavo, Modesto, boy

SOLORIO: Marisa and Omar, Livingston, boy

March 23

SALDANA: Ana and Dominic, Turlock, girl

ZARAGOZA: Amparo and Jose, Ceres, girl

March 22

BOYKO: Misty, Turlock, girl

DRAPER: Daisy, Turlock, girl

LOPEZ: Mayra, Winton, boy

VERA: Alejandra, Turlock, girl

March 21

ANGEL: Erika and Venancio, Modesto, boy

BORGES: Tenisha and Adam, Turlock, boy

March 20

ALICHANH: Bounviene and Toon,

Modesto, boy

HERNANDEZ: Camila and Luis, Manteca, boy

MORALES: Karla and Leonard, Modesto, boy

PARREIRA: Maritza and John, Turlock, boy

ROCHA: Maribel, Turlock, boy

SHARP: Monique and Oscar, Tracy, girl

WATSON: Jennifer and Edward, Turlock, girl

March 19

ALVAREZ: Silvia and Severo, Turlock, girl

FRANCO: Diana and Ivan, Ceres, boy

GAMINO: Maria and Braulio, Turlock, girl

LIBURDI: Alicia and Travis, Modesto, girl

SAMRA: Mandeep and Gurpreet,

Waterford, girl



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