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The Mortgage Professor: Refinancing in a time of rising rates and property values, part 3

While rising interest rates have sharply reduced the number of mortgage borrowers who can refinance into a lower rate, rising home prices create opportunities for some borrowers to refinance into mortgages that are less costly in other respects. Previous articles looked at refinancing a mortgage that is burdened by mortgage insurance, or by a second ("piggyback") mortgage, into a new mortgage that has neither. This article considers a third option, which is to refinance in order to consolidate short-term debts.

Here’s how this father learned that his son was killed in prison

It took three days for California prison officials to tell Takis Kalatzakis that his son had been beaten and strangled to death by his cellmate at Salinas Valley State Prison. He found out through a telegram, dropped at his house in San Jose.