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Facing threats from landlords, immigrants push for tenant protections

CONCORD, Calif. – Concord resident Marta Gonzalez, an immigrant from Mexico, said her troubles with her building manager started last summer. After a series of rent increases that drove up monthly rates by $200 to $300 every time a lease ended, Gonzalez, a member of the nonprofit Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment, and other residents in the complex began to organize an effort to stabilize the rents there.


The Mortgage Professor: Future income replenishment with a reverse mortgage

The more I work with home equity conversion mortgages – reverse mortgages offered through the Federal Housing Administration – the more convinced I become that the HECM is the most underutilized financial tool available to consumers in the U.S. Among the important reasons for underutilization is that HECMs are more complicated than any other financial instrument offered to consumers. They are complicated in order to meet a wide diversity of senior needs, but this poses the challenge of matching the individual senior's need to the appropriate HECM option or options. Many, if not most, seniors are not up to that challenge on their own, and the available decision support is poor.


The Mortgage Professor: Perspectives on down payment requirements

The down payment required on a home mortgage is the single most important hurdle that prospective home purchasers must surmount. This article explains what a down payment is exactly, looks at some possible sources of down payment funds, explains why the down payment is critical to lenders, and describes the requirements today.


Memorial Day in Modesto

Memorial Day at Acacia Memorial Park on Monday, May 29, 2017, in Modesto.
Memorial Day in Modesto 1:13

Memorial Day in Modesto

First-person firefighting footage of crew battling Turlock house blaze 1:01

First-person firefighting footage of crew battling Turlock house blaze

Attack on USS Liberty recalled 2:24

Attack on USS Liberty recalled

Anglers talk safety on surging Stanislaus 0:42

Anglers talk safety on surging Stanislaus