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June 21, 2014

Business Beat: On the hunt for the area’s best restaurants

Where are the best places to eat and around Modesto?

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Latest news from the Modesto-area business scene

One topic that gets the newsroom and, I suspect, many places of business talking is food.

This week, a list published by a San Mateo-based real estate brokerage engendered some interest. It purported to list the top 15 restaurants in Modesto. Getting people talking was the idea behind the list, said Randy Nelson, content manager for the blog Movoto.

“We have this whole editorial team here,” Nelson said. “We are building a city guide to places all over the country.”

That includes Modesto, to which Nelson has a personal tie: He lived here in the 1990s.

Nelson said he has a team of freelance writers that pitches topics for consideration from various communities. A previous list offered stereotypes about people in Modesto that are true. Among them: We love our cars. They probably have a point there.

“Knowing people from Modesto, what do they say about living there?” Nelson said. “What business do they really like? That’s kind of how we put it together.”

So, the list they came up with for Modesto (“These 15 Restaurants Will Blow the Taste Buds Out of Your Mouth”): Camp 4, Surla’s, Rockin’ B’s, Raw Sushi Bistro, Galletto, Beirut Falafel Hut, Mr. T’s Donuts, Michael’s Pizza Bar and Grill, Harvest Moon, La Morenita, Gervasoni’s, Mike’s Grillhouse, Farmer’s Catfish House, Sabaidee Thai & Laos Cuisine and Village Baking Company & Cafe.

Such lists, of course, are subjective and open to debate. That’s part of the fun. Even one of the honorees, Camp 4, pointed out some omissions on its Facebook page: “Concetta, Dewz, and the Brighter Side, to name a few.”

I can think of a few restaurants deserving a spot on the list, myself. But rather than offering my ideas, I would like to hear yours.

What do you think? Where’s the best place to eat in Modesto? Or Ceres, Oakdale, Riverbank, Turlock or anywhere in the Northern San Joaquin Valley? Send me your thoughts and I’ll include them in a future column.

Although there is always a place in our hearts for chain restaurants – as the mother of a 6-year-old, I am quite familiar with the Happy Meal – let’s keep this to independent restaurants that offer something special. Also, be sure to share your favorite dish.

As for Nelson, I asked where he liked to eat when he lived here.

“I liked to eat in my kitchen,” he said. “Ramen with vegetables. Or the Olive Garden, with all-you-can-eat bread sticks and salad.” His priorities then were quantity over quality – he was a college student.

Elsewhere around the Business Beat:

• Another Dollar General is coming to Stanislaus County. These discount stores have proliferated in recent years. The Stanislaus County Planning Commission this week considered a proposal to locate a site in Denair. It is located along the southwest side of Fresno Avenue, south of Main Street and north of Village Avenue.
• Turlock residents have two news places to post their mail or pick up boxes and envelopes. The U.S. Postal Service this week announced two new Village Post Offices in town. These are located in established businesses, which generally have night, weekend and holiday hours the regular post office doesn‘t.

They are at Wayside Market, 735 Wayside Drive, and Amar Fashion and Grocery Bazaar, 1081 Lander Ave.

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