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February 8, 2014

Business Beat: Monte Vista Crossings continues to grow

Hall Equities Group, which operates Monte Vista Crossings in Turlock, announced a long-awaited expansion to the shopping center, which will include a new Dick’s Sporting Goods, Joann’s Fabrics, Tilly’s, Kirkland’s and Justice.

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I recently wrote about the resurgence of one of the mainstays of the local retail scene, Modesto’s McHenry Village. This week I turn my attention to the south, to a somewhat newer development (14 years old) with some big news of its own.

Hall Equities Group, which operates Monte Vista Crossings in Turlock, has announced a long-awaited expansion to that shopping center. It will include a new Dick’s Sporting Goods, Joann’s Fabrics, Tilly’s, Kirkland’s and Justice.

I am familiar with Justice, as I have friends with pre-teenage girls. It’s a clothing store geared for that set, and pretty popular from what I can tell. There’s a Justice in the Crossroads shopping center in Riverbank; the next closest one is in Manteca.

Tilly’s is another clothing retailer, this one focusing on apparel for the skaters and surfers among us, or those who would like to be. Since opening its first store in Southern California in 1982, Tilly’s has grown to 195 stores in 32 states, according to its website. Locally, it has locations in the Modesto and Merced malls.

You likely won’t be able to outfit your kids at Kirkland’s, but you can dress up your house. The store, which started in Jackson, Tenn., carries furniture and home decor. And it’s a new player in Stanislaus County. The closest Kirkland’s is in Antioch.

In all, the growth will bring nearly 110,000 square feet of new retail to Monte Vista Crossings, the city of Turlock said in a news release. It’s good news for the shopping center, which has had its ups and downs in recent years. An effort by Wal-Mart Stores Inc. to build a Supercenter failed after a lengthy legal tussle with the city. High-profile closures have included Office Max, Fashion Bug, Borders and Circuit City, though the latter two spots are now occupied by Old Navy and an In-Shape gym. Dress Barn has closed, too, though it’s not clear if that’s a permanent move or a remodeling project.

But the good news outweighs the bad – a couple of people pointed out that most of the failures at Monte Vista Crossings were chains that went out of business completely, and it wasn’t a reflection on the performance of the local stores.

In announcing the expansion, Mayor John Lazar pointed out that it comes on the heels of Hilmar Cheese Co. also deciding to expand into the city:

“2014 is starting out big for Turlock. We could not be more pleased that Hall Equities Group continues to expand their presence here in our community. Turlock is proud to be home to this power retail center that draws shoppers from throughout our region.”

Elsewhere around the Business Beat

Ah, scammers. I often think if they put the effort and creativity they expend coming up with ways to get our money from us into something useful, there could be a lot more good in this world.

The latest targets are customers of the Turlock Irrigation District, who get phone calls from people claiming to be TID representatives and demanding account information and money. I am expecting to get some more details on this for a story early next week but, in the meantime, be wary of anyone who calls and wants your money or information.

My mother is waiting to get the call from the scammer who claims her grandson is in jail and needs bail money. She plans to say, “Well, he got what he deserved.” It should be noted her grandson is 5.

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